Objective-C, my new best friend

If Apple have their way (and why wouldn’t they) then it looks like all of us MonoTouch developers better dust off the old Obj-C reference manuals. It seems in the new iPhone developer program agreement (OS 4.0) we must only use the following languages to build apps; Obj-C/C/C++ and JavaScript.

Check this out for more info. What a shame. Disappointed.



2 Responses to “Objective-C, my new best friend”

  1. mtrinder Says:

    There still might be hope for MonoTouch in Section 3.3.1

    Changes to section 3.3.2 (see below) shows Apple bending a little … crossing fingers!


  2. mtrinder Says:

    Well it is a great day. Apple have used common sense and we can all use things like MonoTouch with confidence. Now, to get all of my great ideas into production … http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2010/09/09statement.html

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