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An IoC that follows you around

March 31, 2010

I want to briefly mention this fantastic IoC container. It is small & easy to use. Best of all it is suited to the world of mobility – small footprint and quick setup.

I intent to use this container in my iPhone apps with MonoTouch, but have already used it at work on the Windows Mobile platform. It really came to the rescue while refactoring the DA layer of our application allowing us to point to multiple mobile databases without any fuss. Just needs a little configuration file for setup purposes.

Look here for details:


Fare Estimator

March 24, 2010

Recently was working on a POC for work using MonoTouch. Taxi Fare Estimator. Calling web services to calculate fare cost and using the Core Location & UIMapkit, it ended up being a nice little funky app. It provides for address search and map display, user favourites and address alternatives (if more than one match found).

Anyway while developing, a local taxi company launched the same type of app, which also allowed for bookings. Never mind.

WCF Data Services

March 24, 2010

Creating an iPhone app at the moment with MonoTouch. Sorry can’t give away any details, but using WCF Data Services (AKA ADO.NET Data Services) to populate my UITableViewControllers. Very cool and light. Thank god the mono team included System.Json.dll in their roadmap, as it makes it a breeze to extract the incoming data.

Calling Objective-C from MonoTouch

March 18, 2010

Today I learnt how to create a Obj-C library in Xcode, then I created a C# wrapper (binding) around that and called it from a MonoTouch iPhone app. Brilliant! I wonder what I’ll do next …

Mono & MonoTouch

March 1, 2010

No I’m not sick, I’m talking about a way to create iPhone applications written in C# using .NET.

Impossible you say, nope just go to for all the details.

Still in its infancy, this is a great way to use your .NET skills and some of you code libraries to build apps more quickly and easily.

Specifically I found it great for calling web services, just like through Visual Studio.