Remember memory?

I was telling a developer friend of mine that I was learning iPhone OS development. Having started his development life in the .NET age he asked,

“Don’t you have to do all of the memory management yourself?”

And I said almost excitedly, “yes!”

He said “… that isn’t that cool?”

Thing was, I didn’t know how to respond because I have kinda missed it from my days doing C/C++, but how do you explain that to someone who has never done it? For a while I couldn’t really think of a reason why I like the idea of managing memory myself. But then I came up this analogy; for me developing in .NET is like driving an automatic car, while iPhone dev is like driving a nice 6 speed manual. .NET will get me there nicely and in quick time but at the end of the journey I feel I haven’t contributed as much as I could have. Doing memory management again makes me feel like I have put in more effort, taken more care & given more thought into getting to the destination.


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