My first app, “iPikiWiki”, will be in the App Store soon ….


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Do you keep photos of loved ones and dear friends with you in your wallet or purse? Are they constantly out of date?

Would you like to be able to show everyone you meet your latest and most favorite photos without feverishly searching through the hundreds of images in your albums or camera roll?

If so,  maybe you need iPikiWiki.

‘Wiki’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘quick’, so as the name suggests this app gives you the ability to show your favorite photos quickly!

This app is VERY simple, however it was born out of the necessity of wanting to show the favorite photos of my wife, kids and friends when meeting new people in social situations, or when catching up with old friends.

There are four categories and you can choose ONE photo (your best, most favorite or current photo) to show within each category.

The default categories are,

  1. His/Her
  2. Kids
  3. Friends
  4. Pets

Don’t worry if you don’t have a photo to fit the categories above, you can customize the name to something that you like better.

Future Versions

Yes, currently you can choose only one photo for each category, however further versions will include the following enhancements,

  • 3 images per category
  • Up to 6 more user create-able categories
  • Choose-able category icons

iPikiWiki Help Link



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